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Since 1999 LevelFlight is the first of its kind to offer web based scheduling and quoting from any web browser, mobile device, or native iOS device. With a focus on FAA compliance, we make sure your operation flies legally.


Increase efficiency by allowing flight operations access from any web browser. Operators are always in touch with flight operations information giving you a competitive advantage with real-time information.

With a passenger database, archive of past quotes, worldwide airport and FBOs, plus aircrew legality checking before flight release and the ability to notify them directly means that you spend less time making and organizing quotes.


A vital tool for any flight department is scheduling, but until now notifying everyone involved was a headache. With LevelFlight, schedules are available in real-time from a dashboard page, email, and native iOS devices.

LevelFlight increases the efficiency of the entire flight department by allowing access to the schedule via the web. And since each user has their own login, they see exactly what they need to see and nothing they don't.


LevelFlight was designed to automate the many legality requirements surrounding flight crew members We have incorporated features that will isolate the reporting requirement of Part 91, Part 121, Part 125, and Part 135 operations. When designing the specifications for LevelFlight we started by reviewing all the applicable regulations to ensure operators will be informed of any potential conflict with the Federal Aviation Regulations.

LevelFlight notifies operators of conflicts or legality issues before they become critical issues. All required checks and medicals are tracked. Plus you can add any other documentation that you require for currency checks.


As part of our commitment to ensure regulatory compliance LevelFlight tracks a multitude of information including: total time, cycles, APU, and records.

You can customize the number of passenger seats, cruise speeds, fuel burns and a slew of other information including rates and fees for quoting to best fit your operation.


LevelFlight was designed to be used in real-time. This means that information entered from the web or your iPhone / iPad app can instantly be shown to everyone.

From the iOS app, crew members may enter flight times directly from the cockpit and LevelFlight will automatically generate and update the flight logs, and reports.

LevelFlight Integration Partners

Intuit QuickBooks

Simplify your workflow! LevelFlight is integrated with Intuit QuickBooks.

No more double entry!

Invoices created within LevelFlight are easily sent to QuickBooks with the push of a button.

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Levelflight is fully integrated with Avinode! Incoming requests are automatically pre-built, and your schedule is pushed to the Avinode Marketplace in real time. Simplify your sales process and increase productivity with LevelFlight’s automated Avinode message handling.

CAMP Systems

LevelFlight is an approved integration partner with CAMP Systems. Synchronize aircraft and receive due lists between LevelFlight and CAMP systems with total control using our seamless integration.


File private (91) and commercial (135) EAPIS directly from LevelFlight! Simply click to file from the system and off you go. No more double entry, and no need for a 3rd party to do this for you. LevelFlight’s direct integration with US CBP saves you time and money.


LevelFlight is directly integrated with FlightBridge! Reduce your workload by opening a flightbridge session directly from your trip. All service confirmations are passed back to LevelFlight.


LevelFlight is directly integrated with FuelerLinx! Launch your FuelerLinx Session directly from your trip, and all the work FuelerLinx does for you is passed back into LevelFlight instantly.


LevelFlight accepts standard TFSSP files for the 135 operations that require this. Easily comply with TFSSP rules with as little as one click.


To become a member or for a demonstration please contact us at


LevelFlight was developed by FlyCompliant, LLC over 15 years ago to automate many of the required record keeping functions of an air carrier. By developing a cloud based system we are able to offer operators real-time access to all aspects of their flight department worldwide.

LevelFlight was designed as a compliance system to aid operations in regulatory requirements for Part 91, 121, 125 and 135. With our combined IT and aviation experience, we have set ourselves apart in developing systems for the aviation industry.

For a demonstration or more information please contact us at (310) 375-7702